Using Social Media as a New Professional


So you want to create a start-up? Okay, maybe that is a bit ambitious.  But if you are thinking about starting up a business a very important step  is establishing a strong brand presence.  What do you want to be know for?  What are you known for?  This same idea can be applied to  students.

Are you the funny one amongst your friends, the studious one , the entrepreneurial one that sold lemonade during summers for twice the amount as your peers but called your product unique and it worked?  Where, you might ask is a good place to establish your brand presence?  Social media. Social media is one platform where it is both cost effective and relatively easy to set up your brand presence.

Some of you may may be thinking I am already on social media and have several accounts. You may have a presence but what is it saying about you?  Those funny selfies that your friends all like might be funny now but would you want a future employer to see them?

That is another point that is important, when to transition your social media from being something fun, to something more professional?  The answer is now. Don’t worry if your social media presence isn’t quite at the collegial, or aspiring professional  level. Create a new account. Tweet, write, blog, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn about what inspires you, your hobbies, hopes, and dreams. From a professional perspective you never know who may positively take notice.

For businesses social media presents the opportunity to be unique to set yourself apart from other businesses.  One  great aspect of social media is that it allows smaller businesses to compete with larger brands and companies.  It is your chance to showcase what your brand or business is about.

Keeping in the spirit of start-up weekend don’t be shy, tweet at us and Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn  us.  Share, create, innovate with your friends at Startup Weekend, East Bay on May 30-June 1.