Realizing Startup Weekend East Bay: An Interview with Jerry Chang


Now that you understand what Startup Weekend is, I’m sure you are asking yourself, ‘How in the world did CSU East Bay become the host of such an elaborate event?’ And if you weren’t, you are now! To answer this question we interviewed Jerry Chang, the man behind the big idea. Because as of 3 months ago, Startup Weekend at CSU East Bay was just that-an idea.

When asking Jerry about his inspiration for taking on such a giant endeavor, he described how his first confrontation with a Startup Weekend event last January unfolded: “I wasn’t prepared for what it was. Everything happened really fast. You are responsible for creating something out of nothing.” At first he recalled the pressure and overwhelming sudden responsibility when jumping into not only a new role, but a new team and goal. “It’s a mess at first, but then I realized how much I have left to learn about myself and about how to be more effective in real life” It’s rare as a student to be confronted with the real world applications of what we learn in class, and although it may be messy at first, it’s also a rare but valuable opportunity to learn about yourself, your capabilities and reflect on how you can contribute in the real world.

The overwhelming impact of Startup Weekend was one of which Jerry could not forget. Now with the knowledge of how to prepare students and a community for Startup Weekend, he is excited to see it reach it’s vast potential not only in the East Bay, but throughout the greater Bay Area, the CSU system, and the state of California!